Signs it’s Time to Fire Your Contractor

Hiring someone to repair or renovate the house is a big decision. Sometimes things go wrong and you regret that decision. However, never feel as if you are stuck with a particular contractor especially if they fail to meet basic needs. The following signs are among the most common that suggest it is time to fire the contractor that you are working with and hire sometime new.

1.  Cost: Hopefully you’ve compared rates before choosing a contractor. Otherwise, you may very well spend far more money than necessary for the work. However, if you discover that you are paying well over the amount that you should, it may be worth hiring elsewhere.

2.  Unprofessional: is the contractor constantly late for work? Does he arrive without these tools? Has he made a mess of things? Unprofessionalism is a common reason to fire your contractor without a second thought.

3.  Poor Quality: When poor quality work takes over the job, speak up. Give the contractor time to improve, but not long. If the work does not improve and the current repairs redone, fire the contractor.

4.  License & Insurance: If you realize that a contractor is working without a license and/or insurance, fire them, start, and get with a contractor that is better equipped to handle the job and the potential dangers that come along with it.

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5.  Drugs/Alcohol: It does happen but should not be allowed. If you notice drugs or alcohol consumption by contractors working at your home, let them go!

When the signs above are part of the job, it is time to let the contractor go. You can find tons of contractors or even a local handyman in houston tx worthy of your time rather than waste time, energy, and money with someone that does not value or respect you as a customer.