MRI for the Knee: What’s it all about?

An MRI of the knee is a powerful tool for medical professionals to use to determine problems like causes of swelling, pain, or even bleeding around the joints. The MRI of knee in New Jersey is safe and performed often. Since it does not use ionizing radiation, it is safe for almost anyone.

People with certain health problems should not schedule an MRI for the knee. Talk to your doctor about health issues and any surgeries that you have had recently. You should also tell the doctor if there is any possibility that you are pregnant.

The MRI provides medical experts with detailed images of structures within the knee, including bones, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and muscles from various angles. A doctor can use this information to determine causes of pain and other conditions. It is often used to determine if a patient needs surgery.

MRI is more detailed than an X-ray and is safer for most patients.

The doctor may order an MRI of the knee to evaluate:

·    Damaged tendons, ligaments, meniscus, and cartilage

·    Sports-related knee injuries

·    Knee pain

·    Knee weakness and swelling

·    Bleeding in the tissue around the joint

·    Tumors

·    Buildup of fluid around the knee joint

·    Damage related to arthritis

·    Arthritis

·    Bone fractures

·    Dead bone

MRI of knee in New Jersey

Your doctor will provide all the necessary information about the knee MRI that you will need. It takes only about 30 minutes to complete the MRI from start to finish, although staying still the entire time is important for accurate results.

An MRI of the knee can help improve your quality of life, allows for faster and more accurate treatment of medical conditions, and helps you manage pain. Talk to your doctor and find out if an MRI of the knee is best for your needs.